Angel Visions - Meeting Doreen Virtue
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Angel Visions - Meeting Doreen Virtue

I first met Doreen in 2011. I had been given the ‘heads up’ from my sister, Alicia, who had been following Doreen’s movements on her Facebook page. I believe she texted me about Doreen doing a ‘book signing’ at Dymocks on George Street, Sydney telling me I should go.   

At this time, I had read and accumulated a number of Doreen's books, cd’s and oracle cards. I was an avid follower of her work after reading her book “The Light Workers Way”. When you come into contact with the light of someone’s soul whose voice and actions reflect some of what you know in your heart to be truth, then its only normal to have feelings of admiration and adoration for that person. In doing so, you are acknowledging that those aspects of them are also aspects in you, that you wish to bring out further. All of a sudden you have found a role model whom you trust and intuitively you know, that this wonderful person’s life purpose is truly a reflection of God’s love!   

There were many role models in my life, but Doreen by far is my biggest Shero and favorite Spiritual leader today. When I was growing up, I had a beautiful and wonderful knowing as a child for the Spiritual leader and hero, Jesus. If I could take the best parts out of being baptized as a Christian when I was a baby, then reading about Jesus was it. I loved this man without really knowing why when I was little and this love still exists today! When Doreen declared her love for Jesus and the Mother Mary, I knew yet another reason consciously why I was really drawn to her.   

I was the first person to arrive at Dymocks bookstore that day. My friend Cheyenne had accompanied me and my son, Orlando, was lying in his pram. This was my first outing to the city since his birth and to say I was a little nervous about the trip would be an understatement. He was not quite a month old yet, but the angels gently encouraged me to go, knowing this was a significant meeting for me. They also watched over Orlando, who didn't make a peep the whole time we were waiting.   

The bookstore had no signs of a ‘book signing’ so we just hung around outside as there wasn’t much ‘pram space’. Once they begun to set up the area I went back inside and waited nearby to start some kind of cue. I soon learned this ‘book signing’ event was mostly to promote her then new oracle cards, the ‘Life Purpose’ deck. I quickly brought a pack and then went back to the “cue”.   

Lucky for me I wasn’t the only mum bringing her child to the book signing and another mum with a toddler-aged boy came to line up with me. We both began talking about our sons and also about how much we loved Doreen. I had brought a big bag filled with all my books, cd’s and oracle cards and she soon added that she wished she had done the same thing! Hah!   

When Doreen walked into Dymocks with her assistant, I was instantly mesmerized. She looked as beautiful in person as she did in her photos but again her presence was awe-inspiring. The angel lady looked most definitely like an angel, tall, long thick blonde hair and extremely slim. I was star struck and soon enough I had to approach her, as I was first in the blinking cue!   

I pushed my stroller up to the table and precariously fished out my big shopping bag filled with Doreen merchandise and laid them all on the table. I nervously asked, “Is there a limit to how many books you can sign?” She just looked up at me and without hesitation said “God has no limits”. Those words alone had, what’s the expression “Cat caught my tongue” and I just felt anything I say next would just come out silly! So I nervously just answered the questions they asked, managing courage enough to get a photo with her and then just quickly walked out of the bookstore with my bag of signed merchandise, pram and friend!   

I had to stand outside for a wee while just to catch my breath. I had just met someone who exuded spiritual strength and power and I had to take a moment to really check in with myself on how I felt about that. I made a decision that day, I wanted to be just like Doreen Virtue in my own unique way and I still have the solar plexus charged feeling from that encounter to remind me of this decision.   

So when the opportunity arose to see Doreen in Sydney again, it may shock some of you initially to know I wasn’t intending to go. I had rationalized the workshop as an added ‘unnecessary’ expense and also a workshop I felt I didn’t really need. I have been receiving messages from the angels and my guides for some time now and I didn’t believe the workshop could offer me anything “new”. However 2 weeks out from the workshop date, I felt extreme joy at the prospect of meeting Doreen again and using my heart over my head I ran this past my Fiancée, Marlon, and we agreed it would be a great opportunity for me.   

I was mostly looking forward to networking with other earth angels there and overall just seeing my wonderful Shero again in action on her mission of spreading God’s love.   

Since June 2012, Doreen has been asked by the angels never to lie again about anything. Even white lies weren’t allowed any more and so her first test on this was entering the U.K and going through border control. Previously, when asked ‘why she was visiting the U.K’, she would just fib and say she was there either for shopping or to visit friends, which was half the truth. In this instance of visiting the U.K however, knowing the angels request, she reluctantly told them she was here to teach people about angels. What she did not expect was that the man and his supervisor would then relay their angel encounters to her and start to talk openly with her about angels!! The angels then affirmed to her that it was safe to talk honestly and that it was important she speak her truth and “let the chips fall where they lay”.   

The first segment of the workshop was about new messages Doreen has received. The most important message was that we should not take the flu shot vaccine and that we needed to do our own research into why it was not in our best interests. She spoke about ‘Chemtrails’ in the skies and that we needed to speak up to our governments and authorities about this matter. She highlighted the Australian and New Zealand protests happening on 20 January 2013 and that we needed to check out the Facebook page: “Australian & New Zealand Geo-Engineering Protest” to join together on this most important issue. (If you don’t know much about Geo-Engineering and the negative impacts on our health and environment, go to You Tube and watch “What in the World are they Spraying?”) 
She also spoke about two elite families who have been feuding for sometime over ‘Who can control humanity and the world’s resources’ saying both families surnames start with ‘R’.  
One of the families owns the media and the other family owns and controls oil. We were also told, to do our own research into these families and look into the financial power they wield and how they can influence our society because of this.   

The second and third segments were dedicated to giving and receiving readings from Doreen, Michael and Robert Reeves. We were also asked to pull angel cards for people at the end to see what intuitive hits we got for other peoples questions and some of us asked to pass those messages along. Of course there was more, we meditated together, there were giveaways, book signing and photo opportunities, it was just a wonderful day of sharing in our mutual love for Doreen, the angels, life and metaphysics.     

My photo opportunity wasn't as momentous as my first, however it was so wonderful to see Doreen's 'honey', Michael Robinson by her side, supporting her during this workshop and just being 100% her 'knight in shining armour'. They were very affectionate on stage and it was a great duo to see. He had such a cool swagger about him and a 'country' cowboy kind of accent. I'm not sure where Michael is from in the U.S but he seemed perfect for Doreen and was a fine musician also. 

I was also very impressed by Robert Reeves who is the co-author of the book, 'Flower Therapy' with Doreen. Its a fantastic book and just seeing him work with flowers during his readings and healing on stage really inspired me! Also as a platform medium for Chatswood Spiritualist Church, its a good way to read up on flowers that we use for readings during service! So I just had to buy a copy of his book. 

It was raining by the time the workshop ended. I left some business cards and expo flyers on the networking table there and we headed home for dinner and rest. Nicola kindly brought her camera with her so we could take pictures and videos of the workshop.   

My insights from the workshop further affirmed everything I have written here on the website and everything I believe in and share on my Face book page. We are here to empower each other to reawaken the gifts God gave us. The greatest gift he gave us was “each other” :) and the second greatest gift he gave us was “intuition” and “spiritual sight”. They are our tools for discernment; our magnets for truth. Do not doubt these gifts for one moment more, for the path is all the more clearer with them than without them!   

(*The divine within me honors the divine within you)   


My first meeting with Doreen and wee little Orlando snuggled up waiting in cue for Doreen. 
Below, my signed copy of Doreen's Life Purpose Oracle cards, just one of the many products Doreen happily signed. These cards are amazingly illustrated and I find the energy of working with them outstanding ;) 
August 2011

The workshop ticket and also an Angel Card from "Healing with your Angels" oracle card deck which I received with my ticket. Its fair to say I most certainly came away with 'ideas & inspirations' from the workshop :) 
January 2013

Doreen on stage giving us messages. 

My friend Nicola and I had such a good time together at Angel Visions

Leon Nacson and I

Robert Reeves has inspired me to use healing
properties of flowers through his book:
'Flower Therapy' :) 

Doreen, Michael and I at the first book signing of the day. There were so many earth angels at the workshop, they had to do 1x more book signing at the end! 

This painting of Sydney just reminded me of Atlantis for some reason? A very grand painting for one of the hallway entrances of Sydney Convention centre. 

This is all the photo's I have the patience to load I'm afraid! I'm sure posting them on Facebook will be much easier, so go over there and have a look :) I will post more of Doreen on stage over there! 

Love and Light,
Leah xo

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victorinox on Friday, 2 January 2015 2:35 PM
I'm still learning from you, as I'm trying to achieve my goals. I certainly love reading all that is written on your website.Keep the aarticles coming. I loved it!
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